Our Values

An organization's culture or corporate culture is the norms, values, and attitudes that create behaviors which underlie a company.
"This is how we do this company", is an expression one can sometimes hear, which can be a pretty good explanation of how a part of the culture looks like that company.
Corporate culture affects, in particular, how employees enjoy, develop and feel that they can contribute to the company's development.

As our employees are the most important asset of the company, culture is a factor that is very important for success.
Culture also affects economics, customers, vision, and indeed everything and everyone who comes into contact with the company.


Social responsibility

AP Måleri AB has a major social commitment. As a company, we have a responsibility and an obligation to positively influence society as much as we can. We do this with local schools / youth activities, associations and a variety of organizations.


Financial responsibility

Financial responsibility is primarily about corporate ways of doing business. What is about ensuring that we conduct our business in a way that makes it profitable. If the company is not profitable, it will not be long term and therefore can not help improve society. Secondly, it is about the ethics we act as a company and how this is followed. This applies not only to our own business ethics (internal ethics) but also to how we act in relation to others (external ethics) and what policies and guidelines we require for our subcontractors. This includes that the employees of the subcontractors have the right working relationship, the right working hours, the workplace is safe despite dangerous moments and that they are entitled to engage in trade unionism.


Environmental responsibility

We at AP Måleri AB see our contribution to sustainable development as a natural part of our work. Our environmental responsibility always involves environmental legislation. At the same time, striving to deliver more energy efficient, climate-adapted and resource-efficient services throughout the life cycle. Before and during our projects, we work with our customers, suppliers to develop the best sustainable solutions.