We care about Man & Environment

ISO 14001

For us who work at AP Måleri AB, it is important to change and enchant the environment for our customers. It is also a matter of course that we protect the environment around us all.
Since 1999, we have pursued an active environmental choice in terms of color choices for our customers. As the development of new, more environmentally friendly products comes into the market, we have frequent contacts with our suppliers. Our suppliers help us to stay ahead with new products.

We have environmentally friendly waste management, divided into fractions and any residues sent to approved companies for destruction. Over the years, AP Måleri AB has been FR2000 certified and environmental graduates.

We can proudly say that we are an ISO 14001 certified company since 2010.

For us, this means that we have more accurate control of our suppliers. We know which products we will not use. And we have a safer and better environmental awareness among all our employees.

ISO 9001

For us, quality is a matter of course
But what is the right quality? This is not always as obvious.

Prior to each new individual project, we will agree with the customer about the quality we will provide on each project. This is to ensure the final result. By being FR 2000 certified since 1999 and today ISO 9001 certified, we have taken our quality control a further step.

Everyone within AP Måleri AB always strives to leave qualitatively executed assignments, so that customers' expectations of quality are consistent with quality delivered.

The word quality comes from Latin's "qualitas", which means "nature". It was used as early as in antiquity. "Condition" is a term that still remains. Often, steel grades are usually identified with steel quality.

As everyone knows, the word has become much more important in recent years. The common perception of quality has been "quality of a product is the ability to satisfy customer needs and expectations". A product means both a product or a service.

OHSAS 18001

In 2013, we took the step of certifying ourselves in the workplace. This in order to make it clear that we take the working environment very seriously for our employees and that we meet our customers' demands in the work environment. Prior to each project, a risk analysis is carried out and in projects where we are the main contractor, a work environment plan is drawn up.

We carry out regular systematic measures for our employees and have a long-term vision, the company's work in the field of work environment is always under constant improvement.

Certifikat AP Måleri AB