AP Måleri Painting Services For Individuals

Welcome to AP Måleri AB (Aktiv Produktion), We perform painting services for private individuals and tenant-owner associations. The company has a solid knowledge and long experience in painting services for individuals and housing associations. We at AP Måleri emphasize quality and environmental awareness, which together with the breadth of competence creates flexible and individual solutions. AP Måleri shows that the customer's expectations of quality are consistent with the quality delivered.

Facade Painting

In our climate, the facade is subjected to great strain. Therefore, it is important not to wait too long for re-painting the facade. We will be happy to assist you with advice and inspection so that proper treatment is done in due time. We perform facade painting in a way that effectively preserves the houses and gives them a whole new lust.

AP Måleri works with very strong and durable colors made for surfaces subjected to severe strain.

Window Painting

Windows are exposed to excessive wear. Temperature changes cause condensation. That moisture wants to penetrate into the wood. In addition, the sun rays appear to break down on the paint layer.

It's important not to wait too long with painting windows. For example, if it starts cracking at the end tree, moisture may penetrate the work and cause rot.

AP Måleri works with quality products from manufacturers such as Alcro, Beckers, Jotun, Keim, Caparol, Flugger and Engwall o. Claesson who place high demands on sustainability.

Inside painting

We work closely with you as a customer and also with our color supplier to achieve a result that we can be proud of.

Modern or timeless coloring is up to you as a customer, but you can surely leave the work of selected materials to us.

Whether it's time to paint the house outside, inside electricity build new, we will be happy to check out the house and leave a free offer.